Capital Campaign Solutions:

We offer extensive campaign solutions for every size and style congregation. Our proven four "E" stewardship approach (Excite, Educate, Encourage and Engage) will motivate and inspire your Church to new giving heights while avoiding all "guilt" driven fund raising tactics!

Thousands of Churches have raised funds to purchase property, retire debt, fund new ministries including adding new staff members, renovate current facilities and build brand new buildings to expand ministry growth.

Our distinct approach to expanding your Church's stewardship and overall giving is strategically crafted to fit the unique ministry focus and vision of each Church we partner with…one size DEFINITELY does not fit all!

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Stewardship Coaching:

Our individual coaching series will engage your Church's membership with a bold new look at the Biblical stewardship. This fresh approach will emphasize the amazing rewards of living a generous life in every area of the spiritual life!

We will educate your congregation with some of the most dynamic resources available today!

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Jon Bennett has been called one the most effective communicators in stewardship coaching and 'faith' raising today. Jon has brought his message of trusting God in time, talent and treasure to some of the largest and most dynamic churches in the country as well as to several nations of the world.

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