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Who Tapestry Psychological Associates Is...

United for the purpose of helping persons struggling in their lives and relationships, a team of professionals aligned to build a psychological practice where both professional excellence and Christian integrity were valued. On a sunny Monday morning in January of 2006, Tapestry Psychological Associates first opened its doors. The 100 year old Marietta Station building in which Tapestry was established shook with energy as the morning trains rumbled down the tracks along the Marietta Square. Our first appointment - a child taken into protective custody by the DFCS - was conducted as the caseworker who accompanied him graciously helped staff hang the remaining pictures on the wall. God blessed and by the end of that first January the Tapestry team was busy. Since that time, Tapestry has deepened its roots in the Marietta community as God has allowed our professionals to help hundreds of individuals, couples and families brought through our doors.


To offer quality professional mental health services (therapy, assessment, teaching and training) in a manner which fosters greater personal integrity and maturity in the lives of individuals, as well as healing and deepened intimacy within marriages, families, churches, groups and the community.


We recognize the Bible as the standard for truth against which all professional and personal values, psychological research/theory, and therapeutic technique is measured

We respect and strive for professional excellence and accountability as defined by the State of Georgia and the broader professional community of psychologists, professional counselors and social workers

We understand Tapestry Psychological Associates to be a part of the Christian community and, as such, a servant to that community, as well as the broader community of metropolitan Atlanta

We value personal integrity (honesty and authenticity) in every area of life

We respect the unique experience, calling and struggle of each individual

We recognize the need for relationship and purposeful existence to be central features of the human personality

While we value the significance of human relationships and the importance of fostering intimacy and integrity in them, we believe that the individual's need for love and acceptance can only be fully met through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ