Are you Fit to be Tied?

Fit: to be the proper size and shape; to be suited; to belong.
Tied: to connect or unite; to bring together in relationship.

If you're not feeling Fit to be Tied in your marriage - if you and your spouse are looking for something more - this intensive retreat may be the means for change you are seeking.

Recognizing that marriage is a wonderful-terrible union of flawed, selfish persons desperately seeking love, acceptance and support, Fit to be Tied is not your typical marriage retreat. Rather, Fit to be Tied is an intensive marriage experience designed for couples hungry for something more - for a safety and understanding beyond the all-too-frequent conflict - for a connection and closeness that bridges the distance.

Informed by the best contemporary research on marriage and grounded in Biblical values, insights and principles, Fit to be Tied offers you and your spouse an experience that is carefully designed to foster personal, marital and spiritual change.

The weekend experience includes five hours of lecture which are thoughtfully dove-tailed into structured times of personal reflection and spouse-to-spouse dialogue. You and your spouse will walk through a series of teachings and structured interactions developed to decrease conflict and foster intimacy. As the weekend unfolds, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your spouse and your marriage - an understanding that fosters a new level of safety, openness and connection in your marriage, as well as a deeper and more genuine relationship with Christ. While Fit to be Tied is an interactive retreat that provides you with new understanding, as well as new experiences in your marriage, you will never be required to share or interact with anyone other than your spouse.