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Tapestry Psychological Associates Therapists

Jeffrey J. Pipe, PsyD | Adam L. Braund, LMSW | Danette R. Noldy, M.Ed
Lauren M. Hight, MABC | Bonnie Bassett, MS, EdS, LPC


Rebellious, runaway, angry, selfish... these are the words Jeff Pipe uses to describe a story he knows all too well - his own.

Long before he was "Dr. Pipe", Jeff was an angry teenager struggling to find his way through a family tumult of his own making. Raised in a conservative Christian home and a community that offered few alternatives between restrictive and godless, Jeff struggled to find room for his own passions and gifting. Not understanding his own anger, he reacted against authority through both subtle and overt means. However, unbeknownst to him, God was at work redeeming his earlier experience and transforming his anger into a passion for integrity, openness and honesty.

After completing a degree in Christian Education, Jeff took a full-time youth ministry position at Brainerd Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The six years he spent in youth ministry were exciting and challenging. However, when Jeff had reached the end of himself in that ministry his passion led him to Colorado Christian University where he received his MA in Biblical Counseling while studying under Dr. Dan Allender (www.thepathlesschosen.com) and Dr. Larry Crabb (www.newwayministries.org). It was during this training that Jeff came to recognize the passion for integrity which God was building in him. Simultaneously, he began to see how counseling provided an outlet for this passion, as well as a rich opportunity to help other persons find greater emotional, relational and spiritual integrity. After completing his MA, Jeff subsequently completed a PsyD in Clinical Psychology at the Georgia School of Professional Psychology and was later licensed as a psychologist. He joined AlphaCare a Christian counseling center in Atlanta where his practice quickly grew; he served as the Office Director for AlphaCare and, later, as the Clinical Director for Transitional Family Services. However, in 2006, AlphaCare changed ownership and the same passion for integrity that had led Jeff into the field of counseling compelled him to establish his own office, Tapestry Psychological Associates.

Jeff's passion for personal and interpersonal integrity - in combination with his own brokenness and daily need for grace - now energize him to create a counseling context which offers safety, as well as a push toward risk and change. Whether he is wrestling with his own personal growth, counseling a man seeking freedom from sexual compulsivity or helping a strained marriage find a deeper level of intimacy, Jeff's pursuit of integrity - a consistency of personhood from the inside out - fosters personal, relational and spiritual growth in those with whom he works.

Jeff regularly speaks at retreats, churches, professional conferences and training seminars across the region. He and his wife lead marriage retreats and are the creators of "KidSMARTS", a child safety program addressing child abduction and abuse. He has appeared on a number of local radio and TV stations to share his expertise on marriage, child safety and child behavior, including an interview on CNN Headline News just days after the September 11, 2001 tragedy. Jeff enjoys fishing and he is an avid Mountain Biker; whenever possible, he rides his bike to the office. He is active in leadership at his church. He and his wife have been married since 1985 and have one daughter.

B.A. Christian Education :: Bryan College, 1986
M.A. Biblical Counseling :: Colorado Christian University, 1993
PsyD Clinical Psychology :: Georgia School of Professional Psychology, 2004
Georgia State Licensed Clinical Psychologist since 2000

Specializations: Marriage/Couples counseling, Men's issues, sexual addiction, psychological testing/evaluation and expert witness in parental fitness cases.

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Adam is a licensed counselor committed to helping children teens, couples and individual with their different counseling needs. His interest to become a therapist was ignited as a teenager as he observed his father, Dr. Ron Braund, serve the community and local churches as a Christian marriage & family therapist, author and conference speaker.

That desire may have found its roots much earlier as Dr. Braund sought ways to meet the extraordinary needs of his son. At age eight, Adam was diagnosed with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder (ADHD). Adam was the subject of a book, The Strong Willed Child or Dreamer co-authored by his father and Dr. Dana S. Spears. In this book they explain the unique differences between a strong-willed child and an often misunderstood creative/sensitive child.

Focusing on how to turn learning "deficits" into learning "discoveries" became an ongoing pursuit for Adam in his teen years that has continued into adulthood. It is partly because he understands the unique challenge of facing learning "differences" that he now offers a creative approach for helping others with similar struggles.

Adam graduated from Fellowship Christian School then attended the University of Georgia where he obtained his Bachelor and Master's degrees in Social Work. Prior to joining the clinical team of Tapestry, he worked with Transitional Family Services as a counselor to children, teens and parents in crisis.

Adam's interests outside the counseling room includes playing tennis, golf, running and competing in triathlons. He recently completed a Half-Ironman race in Macon and Chattanooga. This consisted of a 1.2mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, and 13.1 mile run. He is active in LiveArt (liveartonline.com), which promotes creativity in culture, art and faith. Adam is a fan of music, watching movies, and has become an avid reader enjoying Christian authors including C.S. Lewis, Frederick Buechner, Donald Miller and Rob Bell.

Adam believes and lives by the biblical mandate, "to whom much is given, much is required." He is especially inspired to help young children, teenagers and young adults who, much like his own challenges in childhood, find it a challenge to fit in.

Adam is married to his talented wife, Anna, who is an artist, professional photographer and home designer. They currently reside in Roswell, Georgia.

Bachelor of Social Work :: University of Georgia, 2005
Master's of Social Work :: University of Georgia, 2006
State of Georgia License in Clinical Social Work (LCSW)

Specializations: Family therapy, child therapy, adolescent therapy, men's issues, Dyslexia & ADHD-related challenges

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If Danette Noldy is passionate about one thing, it's family.

The parents, grandparents and relatives of troubled kids know this. It was under Danette's guidance while working for the Department of Corrections in a boot camp that young girls and women would show improvement. The motive behind her dedication was simple. "I didn't want them to come back," she explains. "I wanted to see them better themselves."

Danette spent four years with the DFACS, leaving in 1998 to work for the Department of Corrections where she served as a mental health counselor in a boot camp detention center for women. She has also worked with survivors of domestic violence, led educational groups for adolescent boys in foster care and helped persons recovering from substance abuse.

She remained at the Department of Corrections until 2002, taking two years off to start her own family with her husband of 15 years. They have two children, ages four and six.

Danette returned to the Atlanta area in 2004, where she began working for Transitional Family Services, providing in-home crisis management until 2007. She joined Tapestry Associates in February 2006.

Her free time is spent reading and doing just about anything outside: gardening, camping, canoeing and hiking. She's particularly fond of Red Top Mountain, Chestatee and Blue Ridge.

Wherever her time is spent, it is spent with her family. Danette models a "quality over quantity" philosophy with regards to families, encouraging them to increase quality time, even if it means sacrificing an activity in an activity-driven culture.

"Quality time," she says, "you can't buy it and you can't get it back."

M.Ed Community Counseling :: Georgia Southern University, 1998

Specializations: Anxiety, depression, chemical dependency, self-harming behaviors, behavioral problems, parenting struggles.

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Lauren Hight loves a story. She especially loves to hear everyday people tell their stories, a passion established during her teen years.

"High school was the first time I felt people really listened to me. I wanted to reproduce those relationships. I had done so with my friends, and wanted to professionally as well."

But Lauren's route to becoming a counselor was not direct. A native of Ft. Lauderdale, she describes herself as having a "wanderlust" after high school, attending Taylor University in Indiana and graduating with an education degree. She later moved to Colorado and worked for NAV Press where she served as a publicist for the books, "The Wounded Heart" by Dan Allender and "Inside Out" by Larry Crabb. She served as an intern for both men while a student at Colorado Christian University.

"I learned how much I didn't know," she says, working for the prominent Christian authors.

Lauren's journey included a stop in Illinois as a high school guidance counselor and a stop in Tennessee before moving to Atlanta in 1995. Lauren has been married since 1992 and has three children all of whom are home schooled. Her wanderlust has been replaced with family road trips and bike rides along the Chattahoochee River. Before Atlanta, she had not lived anywhere for more than two years. "I realized I'm not going to find what I'm looking for here on Earth," she says. "I was looking for heaven here."

Her travels afforded her unique insights, perspectives she can share when needed while she enjoys her passion, listening to others' journey and helping along the way.

"We are a story in progress," she says. "It keeps me curious about the story in others."

B.A. Elementary Education :: Taylor University, 1982
M.A. Biblical Counseling :: Colorado Christian University, 1991

Specialization: Women's Issues

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When Bonnie Bassett started working at the Wellstar Outpatient Center in May 2003, she was given a responsibility even the most seasoned professional would find difficult: counseling women survivors of child sex abuse. Bonnie says the traumatic experience endured as a child forces the adult victim to "test you, thinking you are going to pull away."

But she didn't. Instead, she was empathetic and she listened, earning trust.

The Fairfax, Virginia native understands the nature of traumatic events. She was working as a Delta Flight Attendant on September 11, 2001. Soon after, she and thousands of other airline professionals were asked to take a leave of absence, which inevitably moved her closer toward the counseling profession.

Bonnie focused on crisis and trauma issues while obtaining her Professional Counseling Specialist in Education degree from Georgia State University. The trauma was more personal in December 2005 when her marriage ended in divorce.

Bonnie is an avid runner and tennis player, having participated in the Atlanta ING Marathon, the 2006 Chicago Marathon and the Peachtree Road Race since 2004. She is involved in ALTA and the USTA. Her free time is spent traveling with family to the Grand Canyon or with friends to Brazil, Panama or the Caribbean.

Currently a doctoral candidate through Liberty University's online counseling program, she is scheduled to graduate in May 2010.

B.S. Elementary Education :: University of North Carolina (Wilmington), 1997
M.S. Professional Counseling :: Georgia State University 2002 (Traumacology)
EdS Professional Counseling :: Georgia State University, 2004
PhD Counseling :: Liberty University, 2010 (Projected)

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